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on for a long time but as long as u.n. and the majority rules we go forward and we make it better. you were mentioning some of the swing states in really paying attention to that. it was really important in the midwest. i think it shows that anything can happen in america. gov paquin, thank you very much for joining us. good to see you. gov pat quinn and obama at headquarters and we will eventually get meier romijn emmanuelle i know he is around here. it's nice to see governor clinton talking about him shaking the federal money tree. i have some thoughts on something else and derrick smith, $7,000 in a bribe. and he has been elected. overwhelmingly so. take the money now that he is not convicted. that's why i call him leaving it in the envelops smith. what does that say about the district? by a vote of 100-6 when does the district have to take responsibility, when did they start getting shame for what they do? because they put them in here is a guy that allegedly took the money. thatif that is not the chicago way, i don't know what is the chicago way. >> the voters voted for him. they put
sources, democrats say that u.n. ambassadors should not be blamed for using those points in interviews in the days following the attack. gutierrez says the explanation is simple, the story changed as more information was gathered. in libya you pick up iphone, you call for people and they show up with four trucks ready to take over the embassy, it doesn't take a lot of coordinated effort i saw the film and this was not. lawmakers did not press the former cia director on the extra marital affairs. but he did say that the libyan attacks had nothing to do with his resignation. mayor emanuel got a face time today with the president at the white house he met with the president about 10 this morning in the oval office its familiar territory for the mayor who used to be the president's chief of staff. no more hostess cupcakes or twinkies and no more jobs for 18,000 workers we have news that the hostess company apparently is going out of business and its prompted a run on many of this snack cakes. hostess at its stores around the country are quickly selling out of just about everything, thousa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2